Truthworks is a teaching and resourcing ministry helping you experience God’s Presence.

Research shows that deep in every heart is an undeniable longing for something real, relevant and significant; a desire to live a life that makes a difference. Yet, research also shows that there is nothing more common than unrealized potential. On the one hand we want our lives to matter, yet on the other we seem willing to settle for what we know is less than what we are capable of being, and doing.

Truthworks provides you with inspirational events and resources that inspire, equip and catalyze individuals to achieve their fullest potential in life.

Truthworks incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1998. At the time, James Ryle (founder and president) was pastoring a thriving church in Boulder, Colorado; as well as traveling extensively, preaching and teaching in a variety of settings. Ryle resigned from VineLife Church, and committed to TruthWorks fully in 1999. We relocated to Tennessee in 2000, and have experienced God’s presence and blessing in many wonderful and extraordinary ways.

Truthworks has a long history of ministry and corporate experience, providing charitible and business organizations with sensible, inspirational and well-timed service.

We offer a variety of Conferences and Seminars covering a wide range of relevant issues. We creatively communicate the truth of God’s unchanging Word in an ever-changing world, so as to effect the greatest change possible.

In addition we provide consultation and team-building dynamics for staff and employees. Our service helps leaders to clarify, communicate, and achieve their vision, strengthen their relationships, as well as lead their organization to a stronger commitment to its purpose and a greater effectiveness in its efforts.

We welcome the opportunity to help you experience God’s Presence. Contact us, and together we will make it happen!

James Ryle Bio and Photo