This is a growing collection of paintings I’ve been doing since the early summer of 2013. The medium is acrylic on canvas, and prints are available for purchase.

Presently, the only way we can accommodate that is to first discuss with you what your choices are. For instance — which painting are you interested in? Do you want it printed onto canvas and then framed, or do you want it printed on art paper, suitable for framing yourself. Answers to these question obviously affect pricing and shipping costs, so we need to know from you what you want and then we can reply with a price.

Our plans are to link these items to our online store, but that is going to take some time working with the web builders. Sorry. For now, please send any inquiries to


cabin in the snow “Cabin in the Snow”There’s nothing like a shelter in the time of a storm; a warm fire in the cold of winter; a home filled with love and peace. I imagine a mountain man returning from a long day’s hunt, and finding this wonderful sight waiting for him. We may find the same comfort as we turn to the Lord in a day when storm and cold oppose our way. The home fires are always burning; and the door is always unlocked.
Marys Moment “Mary’s Moment”This painting if from a photo I took of Michelangelo’s famous statue “The Pieta.” I was moved by how the light created the look of an angelic visitation. Could this be the moment when the angel told her she would bring forth a son named Jesus?
010314 103 “It Is Finished”This is another part of “The Pieta” — It depicts Jesus after the Cross, held in Mary’s arms before His entombment. To me it shows the presence of peace, for He died knowing His Father would not leave Him in the grave. On the third day — He arose! And our world has never been the same since.
061114 107 “Kickin’ Back”
061114 106 “Morning Magnolia”
061114 105 “Blue Door”
010314 108 “The Corner Man”
010314 106 “The Lookout”
010314 102 “The Bridge of Sighs”
070814 129 “The Beatles”
061114 104 “Flower Child”
070814 107 “Vintage”
082113 119 “Unrivaled Majesty”
070814 106 “Friends”
010314 104 “Cardinal”
070814 128 “Farmers Market”