Forty Years in a Library

Note to Reader: If you have not yet read the previous two posts, please take a moment and do so before proceeding. You will understand why once you’ve done it.

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).

“What qualifies you to be our guide on this journey?” a voice called from the pack.

“Excuse me?” I answered, wondering what sort of soul would ask such a question at the outset of a trip they had themselves volunteered to take. But, whatever their motive, I felt the question merited an honest reply. And so I said….

I must confess that my credentials for serving as your guide on this journey to a place called Grace were issued and certified by a Librarian. That’s right; a Librarian.

Old Library 01You see, I’ve spent the past forty years living in a Library. Now, mind you, it’s not just any old Library; oh, no, not at all. It is a very special and quite remarkable Library. In fact, it is truly unique in all the world.

First, there are only sixty-six books in this Library; that’s all. Only sixty-six. And I have read each one of them many times during my forty year stay.

These books cover a wide range of human experience from Law, History, Geography, Philosophy, Ethics, Prophecy, and Poetry. They tell of wars, and rumors of wars; they speak of angels and demons; good men, and bad. There are Parables of Life, and Letters outlining noble character and moral conduct in a world filled with darkness. These books tell of a Great King, and His Kingdom; a Kingdom which shall never end. They tell of Life and death – and Resurrection.

And there is one more thing that makes this Library unique. In this Library there is a Ghost. Not just any ghost, mind you; He is a Holy Ghost. And He has special interest in each of the sixty-six books; such that anytime you open a book to read, this Holy Ghost draws near and breathes upon the pages causing a light to reveal truths that are otherwise veiled in the words.

Think of it this way: Imagine yourself standing on the bank of a mountain creek in the Fall looking at the golden leaves that seem to shimmer as they ripple on the surface of the water. As you look your eye catches a richer glimmer in the depths of the river. Suddenly you see past the golden leaves to the real gold that is there beneath them on the river bed. That’s what the Holy Ghost does for you when you read the books in this Library. He breathes on the pages and shows you the true gold that lies beneath the golden leaves.

That is how I came to discover this place called Grace, and found a path that leads all seeking souls to its open Gates. The Lord’s Word is “a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path.” And it will be the means whereby we make this journey together; step by step, keeping pace with the Holy Ghost as He lights our path and leads us onward, upward.

Very well then, if there are no other questions, let us be away.

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