How The Bible Came Together

“Stand thou still a while, that I may shew thee the word of God.” (1Samuel 9:27)

The Bible stands peerless among all the books in the world as the solitary record of God’s dealings with man. Though written by men, it is authored by God. God’s very nature assures us that He would most certainly speak to us, and that there would be some reliable record of His Word written down and preserved throughout time for all to have and to hold. In the Bible God has given us “a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths.”The unfolding story of the Bible’s anthology is filled with intrigue, adventure, horror, mystery and wonder – making it a truly remarkable Book.

“Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy Law.” Psalm 119:18

From the first encounters with Moses at the Burning Bush to the epic revelation of John on Patmos Island – a slow and amazing miracle has transpired. Today, we hold that miracle in our hands. It is called The Holy Bible. Let’s review some of the history of how the Bible came together.

First, the word Bible comes from a Greek term meaning “many books.” Our Bible is in fact a library; a collection of 66 books bound together in one remarkable volume. These books were written by at least 40 authors, from three Continents, over a period of about 1500 years – and yet the content comes together seamlessly as though it had but one Author. Stop and think for a moment just how remarkable this is.

The authors come from a wide range of personality and occupation. There are prophets and shepherds, fishermen, kings, peasants, explorers, builders, soldiers, scribes, theologians, poets and priests. Yet, despite the enormous diversity of its writers — the Bible has a unity of subject, structure, and spirit unparalleled in all of Literature. This is too fascinating for honest people to dismiss. In a word, it is remarkable!

It contains a consistent system of doctrinal and moral utterances that positively effect individuals, as well as Nations. Its unique treatment of certain themes — such as the holy, the true, the good, and the future — are equally mysterious, authoritative, and practical. It speaks to people of all ages, all nationalities, all social levels, and all professions. Its words are both timeless….and timely. At any given moment an ancient phrase of Scripture can burst alive with uncanny relevance to the present moment – as though God Himself were speaking.

The Bible is the most widely translated and circulated Book in the world. This is an even more amazing fact when you take into account that its early translators were killed, and many of its early readers were imprisoned.

The Bible, as we know it today, has been in existence for almost nineteen centuries but it is always relevant to the day. Its quotations and its motifs are found in our literature, oratory, art, music, politics, law, and ethics. Its influence is inescapable. William Jennings Bryan said, “The Bible holds up before us ideals that are within sight of the weakest and the lowliest, and yet so high that the best and noblest are kept with their faces turned ever upward.”

The witness of The Bible’s inspiration is attested by countless millions of testimonies throughout history from individuals who have been transformed by the reading of this singular Book.

Now that, my friends, is remarkable!

Tomorrow? “A Light Unto My Path…..”

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