Please, Don’t Walk On By

“Share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets.”  (Hebrews 13:16, The Message)

help othersRecently Belinda and I were in Sugarland, Texas, visiting dear friends and ministering in their home with a gathering of lovely people. Our time was rich and delightful, and filled with a real sense of God’s presence.

Once our visit ended and we arrived at the airport to check our bags and fly home, we walked into a divine appointment. The timing of this was clearly orchestrated by the Lord.

We unloaded our bags for a curbside check-in, and we’re happy that our bags got to fly for free. There was no glitch whatsoever, as we received our boarding passes and turned to head for the gate inside the airport.

At that moment a lady seated on a bench next to the outside baggage counter burst into tears. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed uncontrollably.

“Honey,” I said to Belinda, “sit with this lady and I’m going to find out what’s going on.”

I turned back to the counter agent and asked, “What’s happening here?”

“She showed up for her flight to LA, but the ticket has not been paid for; and she doesn’t have enough to cover the cost.”

“I’ll pay for her ticket,” I said.

The agent was astounded, as were the curbside bag handlers. The weeping lady was floored. It turns out she is a single mom with a 19 month old baby. She was in Texas for the weekend on a job possibility, and was told that her  return ticket had been paid for by the guy who had flown her to Texas. It was not the truth.

You can only imagine the horror that struck her heart when she realized she was stranded at the airport with no options of leaving, and her babysitter would not be able to extend her services for the baby. The mother was terrified and hopeless.

As Belinda sat with the lady and I stood at the counter, the agent called a supervisor out to the curb and they reduced the price to help out. We got her checked in and were able to walk this mom to her plane and make sure she had a seat. Our plane didn’t leave until about a hour or so later. We walked to our gate filled with a sense that God had just used us in a very powerful way.

It was a small price to pay for a huge blessing that touched so many. And I wonder – what if we had just walked on by?

May I encourage you to keep a eye out for those you can help as you go to and fro throughout your day. Maybe it won’t be as obvious, or as dramatic as our encounter with this woman. But it will nevertheless be as meaningful if you stop and help.

God will notice; and the blessing will surely be yours for a good deed done in love. Please, don’t walk on by.

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