So Who Are the Real Fools and Maniacs?

“….the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac.” (Hosea 9:7, NIV).

Guilt makes people do and say really stupid things. Like the “speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil” monkies – there are people so eaten up with guilt and shame that in anger they shut themselves off to the Truth. And, most ironically of all, they open themslve wide to any religious or political ideology that permits their wrong beliefs and behavior.

Such was the case long ago in the land of Israel. Bad leadership had lead to national disaster, and the people became overburdened with guilt and shame for the foolishness of their errant ways. When the prophets arrived to call them back – they plugged their ears and treated them like fools and maniacs.

We may very well be approaching a similar tipping point in our own time – for there is an unchecked defiance of truth running rampant in our Land. Arrogant men and women have lifted themselves above the Law and used the power of their influence to corrupt, destort and destroy as much as they can of the Christian message and influence in our Nation.

By posing as men and women of superior knowledge, and taking it upon themselves to bring correction to matters about which they are ignorant, they prove the old scripture true — “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22).

But, the Lord is watching from Heaven, and He will have the last word in these earthen affairs. Ponder the following poem written by Robert W. Service, and consider his words well….

The Man Who Knew

The Dreamer visioned Life as it might be,
and from his dream forthright a picture grew;smug know-it-all
a painting all the people thronged to see,
and joked therein — till came the Man Who Knew,
saying: “This is bad! Why do ye gape, ye fools!
He painteth not according to the schools.”

The Dreamer probed Life’s mystery of woe,
and in a book he sought to give the clue;
The people read, and saw that it was so,
and read again — then came the Man Who Knew,
saying: “Ye witless ones! This book is vile;
it hath not got the rudiments of style.”

Love smote the Dreamer’s lips, and silver clear
he sang a song so sweet, so tender true,
that all the market-place was thrilled to hear,
and listened rapt — till came the Man Who Knew,
saying: “His technique’s wrong; he singeth ill,
waste not your time.” The singer’s voice was still.

And then the people roused as if from sleep,
crying, “What care we if it be not Art!
Hath he not charmed us, made us laugh and weep?
Come, let us crown him where he sits apart!”
Then, with his picture spurned, his book unread,
His song unsung, they found their dreamer — dead.

So, I ask you, who are the real fools and maniacs?

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