Tested by Trials, Trusted by God

“Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed…”(2 Timothy 2:15, Amplified Bible).

There comes a time in every situation where light-weight pretenders just can’t get the job done. They may talk a good game, but in the trenches when the pressure hits — they fold like a house of cards.

abraham and IsaacI think of Abraham being tested to the point of raising the blade to slay his son, Isaac. God stopped him, and place great trust in him from that time forward. I think of Joseph being sorely tested in Egypt as he went through multiple injustices, without turning bitter in his heart against the Lord. And we see how God raised him up to be a prince in Egypt who brought salvation to the people of God.

I think of Daniel and the Hebrew children facing great trial of soul in Babylonian captivity, who nevertheless kept their faith in the darkest hour and were elevated by God to positions of extraordinary influence.

Tested by trials, trusted by God.

This is the way of the Kingdom. God looks for those who have been proven by going through significant trials; men and women who are not out to make a fast buck, or jump on the fast track to fame and glory. Men and women of substance, found in the depths of solitude and separation.

Earlier Paul told Timothy, “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord. He has given me the strength for my work because he knew that he could trust me.” (1Ti 1:12). Can the Lord trust you?

And listen to Paul’s words to one of his favorite churches — the Thessalonians: “God tested us thoroughly to make sure we were qualified to be trusted with this Message. Be assured that when we speak to you we’re not after crowd approval—only God approval. Since we’ve been put through that battery of tests, you’re guaranteed that both we and the Message are free of error, mixed motives, or hidden agendas. We never used words to butter you up. No one knows that better than you. And God knows we never used words as a smoke screen to take advantage of you.” (1Th 2:3-5, The Message).

May God exalt in these days those whom HE trusts, because they have been tested by trial — and passed. If God trusts them — then so can we.

Pass your tests my friend; we are all counting on what God will do with you next!

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