The God Who is Watching Leaders

“But God was watching over the Jewish leaders….” (Ezra 5:5, Good News Bible).

A great controversy stirred among people of opposing views, with accusations flying and condemnations mounting. Sounds like the Halls of Congress, or (not to mix Church and State) it also sounds like a few congregations we know today. But this controversy was way back in the time of Ezra.

God was on the move and change was in the air, but some people who liked things the way they were, tried to prevent the revival from spreading any further. They were the leaders who liked things the way they were, because it suited their preferences. But their attempts to discourage the people of God, and derail the revival were woefully inadequate, because “God was watching.”

And God is watching Leaders today. The Living Bible says, “the Lord was over-seeing the entire situation.”

God is WatchingDoesn’t that put everything else into perspective? It helps to know that God sees everything that is going on, especially in a time of confusion; in a time of disruption and opposition; in a time when alliances break down and friendships seem to fade away, as arrows of accusation fly and blows of blame lay heavy upon the broken heart.

The Lord is over-seeing the entire situation.

He can subdue the foe, silence the critic, and stay the hand of the executioner. He can thwart the most ingenious of schemes, and bring to nothing the counsel of the even the wisest of men. When we are seeking His face, hearing His voice, and doing His will — no plan of man or devils can stop us from finishing our work.

There is no need to defend yourself whenever you are falsely accused, no need to advance yourself when you are unduly held back, and no need to justify yourself when you are unjustly condemned — for the Lord is over-seeing the entire situation. He will see to it that truth prevails over opinions, and that mercy triumphs over judgement.

As for you, just keep your head down and move steadily onward in the direction of obedience — for God is watching; even if no one else seems to be.

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