The Greatest Invasion in History

“The number of the disciples was multiplied.” (Acts 6:1)

The Day of Pentecost marks the moment in history when everything Christ had accomplished on the Cross was validated by Heaven — and changed everything on Earth forever.

Jesus, the Grain of Wheat which had fallen into the ground and died, was now being multiplied in the countless lives of His followers. And the process continues to this day. The One Seed has now produced untold millions of seeds; each bearing His likeness in appointed measure. And, like the stars in the heavens, or the sand on the shore, the people of God now fill the earth with the life, light and love of Jesus Christ.

And you are one of those people!

Day of Pentecost 02A quick look at the expansive growth of the early church shows us the explosive power of this new life.

We are told in Acts 6:1, “the number of the disciples was multiplied.” This word speaks of exponential growth. In just a few short weeks their number grew from the 120 who were gathered in prayer on the Day of Pentecost, to the 3,000 who were converted on that same day. Then, another 5,000 came on board after the lame man was healed when Peter prayed for him. After that, we are told simply that a multitude of men and women were being added daily to the Church.

In other words, the growth was so fast and vast – they stopped counting.

Can you imagine what it must’ve been like to be a part of a social transformation so powerful that it flourished even in the midst of great opposition and vicious threats? These people were literally impacted by the reality of the risen Lord, and were being transformed from fear to faith by His Spirit at work among them.

Yes, the Kingdom of God was now among men, and it continues so to this very day. And, according to the prophecy, “of the increase of His kingdom and peace there shall be no end!” There’s no stopping this!

And yes, The Serpent has through the ages waged war on the saints and pushed back politically, economically, socially, philosophically, and religiously — ever seeking to quench the Spirit and stop the influence of this mighty river.

And he has on many occasions succeeded in his battles, but he will lose the War. For just as The Serpent failed to conquer the Son of God, he will also fail to conquer God’s children. For we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!

The Lord Jesus will see the travail of His soul and be satisfied. He did not die in vain, and His conquest will not be dismissed with a yawn by the errant sons of Adam, nor in any way thwarted by whatever weapon may be found in Satan’s depleted arsenal.

Take your place on the Wall my brother and sister; lift up your torch and your trumpet in glad harmony with the millions who have faithfully stood here before. Let your voice be heard, and let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

Take heart and dare to be the man or woman God has created you to be. And He, for His part, will put His glory on display in you and through you — far and wide!

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