The River of Life

“Give, and it shall be given unto you.” (Luke 6:38)

Yesterday we discussed First This First, appropriately enough on the first day of the New Year. We discovered that God’s ruling power in our lives extends over everything, and that we are to seek foremost to be in alignment with His Kingdom at all times. Today, I want to talk with you about Circulation.

And as we pass through the open door into this new season I ask you to consider the fact that all of Life, from the minuscule to the magnificent, is one constant demonstration of circulation.

Our world is in orbit around the sun, while at the same time it is slowly turning on its axis. Both movements are circular. At the same time the jet stream is on its unceasing course in the upper atmosphere, circulating the air of our planet, while the oceanic conveyor belt (a vast and constantly flowing river in the ocean) is circulating our planet’s great bodies of water. We might call it The River of Life, for without it our waters would become stagnant and dead.

conveyorAdd to this the evaporation and condensation cycles that move water from the oceans to the land in rain, snow, and river run-off, which ultimately flows back into the ocean – and you see yet another astounding picture of circulation.

But there’s more. The plants generate oxygen, which we need to live. We exhale carbon dioxide, which the plants need to live. Circulation. And when we take in breath it enters our lungs, which is our respiratory system, and helps circulate our blood. Our bodies also have a nervous system and a dietary system, both of which require circulation in order to function properly.   

From the monumental to the microscopic, the single and constant over-riding fact of Life is that it is in motion – and that motion is one of circulation. If the circulation stops at any point DEATH is the inevitable result.

Here’s the point. There is one place where the law of circulation is constantly being broken with devastating results. It’s in Economics. The presence of greed in our world has profoundly impeded the balance of life in this matter of economics. There is enough for everybody, but some have shut the valves and cut off the flow, and others suffer because of it. Some have more than they need, while others don’t even have what they need.

The Gospel injects the spirit of generosity into the followers of Jesus and sets us in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation, among whom we shine as lights in darkness. God wants to bless and use us to contradict the greed that drives the world’s system. He wants us to live blessed and generous lives, each doing our part to restore economic circulation back into our imbalanced world. To use another metaphor, He wants us to be The River of Life that moves the world’s great oceans into a flow that sustains life all around our planet.

And if we will obey Him, we will see a Resource Revolution.

Over the following days I will post a series of devotional thoughts with one goal in mind — helping you become a cheerful giver (if you’re not already), and encouraging you to help others discover The Resource Revolution!

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