The Two Great Temptations

“Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the Garden?” (Genesis 3:1 ).

02 Grace More or LessFrom the very beginning, the devil – that old hissing, slithering, whispering foe – has been forever seeking to lure us out of God’s will into some snare ; great or small. He will play whatever card he has, and call our bluff at every turn.

There are temptations aplenty, but when you get right down to the bottom line you discover that the devil is ultimately tempting us to do only one of two things; and if he can succeed, then he will have ensnared us and thwarted our journey for awhile.

What are the two great temptations he sets before us daily?

First, he tries to bait us into over-reaching and attempting to do more than God wants us to do. And, if that fails, he then tries to back us down and have us settle for doing something less than God’s will for our lives. (In your drawing, fill in the boxes with “MORE” and “LESS”).

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Over-reaching, and under-achieving – these are the two most common mistakes made by people everyday. When we try to do MORE than God’s will, we always end up in “FRUSTRATION.” And, when we seek to settle for LESS than God’s best – we always end up in “BITTERNESS.”

If you ask the devil, “Do you tempt Christians?” He will answer, “More or less.”

MORE is the guy who would build bigger barns for himself; LESS is the guy who wrapped his talent in a napkin and buried it is the ground. Neither of them made the right choice with their lives, and thus ended up as fools.

Os Guinness said, “Our passion is to know we are fulfilling the purpose for which we are on earth. All other standards of success – wealth, power, position, knowledge, and friendships – grow tiny and hollow if we do not satisfy this deeper longing.”

Step into today fully resolved that you will press into the center of God’s will – nothing more, nothing less.

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