Three Indisputable Facts about God’s Blessings (Part 2 of 2)

“And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” (Gen 32:26)

Jacob wrestled with an Angel. And it seems that we ourselves do the same today. There is something in us that fights against what the Lord wants for us. The Lord’s heart is fully set upon our well-being; there is abundance of biblical text and life experience to validate this claim. That is an indisputable fact. But it is only one fact of three. Today. We will look at the other two.

Indisputable Fact #2 – Few of Us seem to Experience God’s blessings with any Consistency.

Judges BookHave you ever read the Book of Judges? It is one of the craziest books in all the Bible, filled with astounding evil and unexplainable nonsense. The writer offers this one editorial comment at least three times – “There was no King in Israel, and every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”(Judg 17:6).

And as you read through the book you discover a repeating pattern: 1) The people sin against God, 2) They fall into captivity at the hands of invaders and oppressors, 3) They cry out to God for deliverance, 4) God raises up a Deliverer and sets them free, 5) They live in the blessings of freedom – only to slowly drift over time right back into sin. And the whole thing happens all over again.

This Cycle occurs no less than seven times in the Book of the Judges!

Inasmuch as the things that happen in the old days were written for our instruction, I cannot help but wonder if many of us today are not repeating the same “Cycle of Frustration” depicted in their ancient testimony.

There is an ebb and flow to the measure of our consistency before the Lord, and this undoubtedly plays a part in the measure of blessings in our lives. Sometimes we are hot; sometimes cold — but more often than not, we are just lukewarm. We live with an inexplicable indifference to the things of God — except when we are facing some awful tragedy or serious setback in our lives. That’s when we turn up the volume and cry out to the Lord.

The fact is the Lord wants to bless us, and to have us live a consistent life that honors Him and blesses others. But we waffle. And this brings me to the third fact. 

Indisputable Fact #2 – The Breakdown in Blessing is on Our Side – Not the Lord’s

Paul wrote a personal and piercing word of loving rebuke to the Corinthians. “Oh, my dear Corinthians friends,” he said, “I have told you all my feelings; I love you with all my heart! Any coldness still between us is not because of any lack of love on my part, but because your love is too small and does not reach out ton me and draw me in.” (2 Corinthians 6:11,12 The Living Bible).

I cannot but wonder if the Lord Himself might being saying these words to me sometimes. One thing is certain – if I am not walking in the blessing of the Lord, it is NOT a reflection of Him….but of ME. The breakdown is on my side…not His.

Beginning tomorrow I will show you five ways we can make sure that no breakdown occurs between you and the Lord! These next lessons will provide valuable insight to help you prosper in accordance with God’s purpose for your life!

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