“Which Disciple Are You Most Like?”

“When evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve.” (Matthew 26:20)

During a time of worship I stood at the communion table looking at a copy of DiVinci’s  famous painting of the Lord’s supper. In my quiet thoughts I found myself asking, “James, which disciple are you most like?”

I reflected for a moment and realized, “There are times when I am like each one of them.”  It is the truth.  Looking at that painting, my eyes were opened by the Lord to see things in myself I could not deny. 

The Last Supper DiVinci

Sometimes I am like John, reposing with my head at Jesus’ heart. Other times I am like Peter, impetuous and outspoken. I have been dramatically converted as Matthew, the former tax-collector.  Yet, there are times when the doubts of Thomas take a distant second to my own, making him appear as a great man of faith. Like Andrew, I have brought others to Jesus, and on the other hand like James and John, the sons of thunder, I’ve wanted to call down fire from heaven upon those who reject the Lord. 

I, like Nathaniel, have often questioned those who have spoken the word of the Lord to me, and many times I’ve completely missed the point of what the Lord was saying to me, just like Philip.  I have known the obscurity of Simon, James the lesser, Thaddeus and Bartholomew.  And, yes, I have been a Judas on more than one occasion — denying the Lord and betraying Him before His enemies.  

Humility swept over my soul as I stood before the communion table.  The one I wanted most to be like was Jesus, and yet I was so much like all the others.  The Lord said, “That is why I have invited you to drink of My cup.”

Tomorrow I will pick up on this and tell you what happened next.

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