Why is the Serpent Trying to Do This?

“You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until iniquity was found in you.”  (Ezekiel 28:15)

We know from the sacred record that The Serpent once held a position of highest honor in the Temple Courts of Heaven.  According to Ezekiel’s lamentation, this once exalted being was “the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.” (vs.12)

His beauty was indescribably stunning. He was dressed in splendor, his garments studded with jewels. His radiant presence sparkled with the combined luster of several precious stones reflecting the light of God’s glory — the sardius, topaz, and diamond; the beryl, onyx, and jasper; the sapphire, turquoise, and emerald — all stitched together with gold thread, and covering him like a royal robe.

green serpent

“Come just a little closer, please. I’d like to ….. get to know you.”

That is what The Serpent looked like. He must’ve been breath-taking in his beauty.

Before he was cast to the ground and became The Serpent, this once exalted being was the anointed Cherub who covered the Holy Place; established by God and given full access to walk back and forth in the midst of heaven’s finest riches – the fiery stones. He interacted with all the other angels of heaven – until that moment when iniquity was found in him.

His heart was lifted up because of his beauty; and he sinned. He corrupted his wisdom and splendor, and was cast out of heaven as a profane thing by God. (vs. 15)  He who once walked among the fiery stones was now cursed to crawl upon his belly in the dust.

At his core Satan is a conflicted being. He was created to worship only God, but he himself now wants to be worshipped as God. There’s the conflict. He is double-minded and unstable in all his ways; he must work in the shadows, but he cannot stand being unnoticed; he speaks with a forked tongue, giving sweet flatteries and bitter curses at the same time; he is hideous and full of defilement, yet can appear as “an angel of light.” He promises great riches and glory to those who serve him, but can do nothing but bring their lives to ruin and waste; for the wages of Sin are death.

Sin originated with The Serpent. He started it, and once he sank his fangs into Adam and Eve, his poison spread to the entire human family. As to the question of WHY is he doing this, I believe the answer is obvious.

The Serpent, now lifted up with pride and fallen from grace, is hell-bent on proving himself right…..and God wrong.

He therefore must destroy the credibility of God’s Word, he must stop the coming of The Child, and he must wreck havoc upon the children of God. For these three — The Word, The Child, and The Church — are the only things that stand between The Serpent and his ultimate success.

So now we all want to know, will The Serpent succeed?

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